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Lakeside Languages offers consulting services for language learners, language schools, businesses, and arts organizations.

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Director Teresa Knudsen has been teaching language learners for over 25 years in the Pacific Northwest of the United States of America.

She has taught TESL language teachers in undergraduate and graduate classes.
    Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, Washington
    Whitworth University, Spokane, Washington

She has taught language learners in college prep, community college, college and university, and graduate level classes.

She has taught American English in the Pacific Northwest:
    Whitworth University
    Gonzaga University
    Eastern Washington University
    Community Colleges of Spokane
    Washington Academy of Languages.

Ms. Knudsen regularly presents her classroom-based research and papers:
    American Educational Research Association
    Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association
    Conference for College Compostition and Communication.

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